Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yes, all you Kiwi readers will know where I stole this from, but all I can say is why? As hard as I look it seems as though they are real fakes and not photoshop fakes. Why would any woman want anything that large hanging off her neck, and lets not even start on the ethics of the surgeon that put them in.

I do wonder what will happen in a few years when she has major back issues, is the taxpayer going to end up paying for her fukked up idea of what is a hot set of breasts?

This set of knockers however is absoluuuuutely perfect, very much yum, triple yum. I think I'd do my best to get up close and personal with this set of breasts, and the rest of the body they're attached to.


The ex-expat said...

The breasts belong to an American so presumably she's only a drain on her insurance company.

But yes that photo should be pulled out anytime anyone bitches about socialized healthcare impinging on individual choice.

little drummer boy said...

Is it just me, or is there something a little odd about the left breast in of the woman your drooling over??.

I see C.K has put some pics up of Cheryl Cole on her blog. Very yummy, although not so keen on the tatts though

unPC lesbian said...

LDB, the Cactus image inspired me to put this up, and NO there is nothing wrong with Ms B's left breast. I have other images from her showing they are absolutely perfect!!!!

little drummer boy said...

Well I could stand to see a little more then :)

unPC lesbian said...

I'm sure you would love to, but as the others show her face, sorry...all mine to keep!!

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