Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deja vu

A few weeks ago I rewatched the movie L A Story, a Steve Martin movie where the lead character got his life advice from a talking freeway billboard. I had an l.a.story moment today. I ran round the  bays clockwise, and when I got to the edge of Greta Point the speed control sign flashed at me, à la l.a.story. It said 10k. I waved, said thanks and carried on running laughing. It was only talking to me, yes?


Scuba Nurse said...

that is very funny.
now I want to run on roads with speedo signs.

unPC lesbian said...

I have figured it will only work when I run clockwise on that route. It's one of those digital signs that shows your speed as you drive by.

It was my reaction that made me laugh, the way I waved and said thanks cos it was talking to me!!

Ugh, road running it so fraught tho, there are things like weather and wind to deal with. I love my treadmill.

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