Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Shite

Well I failed the blood test, second one in a row, so it appears I have to change my diet as the fresh fruit and vegetable low fat diet with lean protein and whole grains just isn't working. Kinda sucks when I sit and watch Hairy Boy Shagger eating all the biscuits, fried food, and other crap constantly without exercising, and her cholesterol is perfect. Have to re do the test again in three months. I'm predicitng no change in the number and figure that is just my baseline number.

I'm about to go and have my first run in over ten days, once my lunch settles. I fear it's not going to be fun, but one must. I'm hoping  that while I'm sweating it out that I will be able to figure out how I am going to seat ten at table tonight, as I only have eight chairs. I'm also hoping I will figure out the cooking thing.

I had very funny time out last night with the Russian and Ms Gotlucky. I'm in an andro phase at the moment so went out dressed as such, and spent the evening on a sofa in a bar flanked by two divine specimans of uber femme. Ms Gotlucky had a fluffy outer layer on that one could pat and snuggle into. The Russian reminded me of a drum majorette. I could see that every male in the bar was jealous of me.

Oh bliss, have got home from coffee loading to find that number one daughter has done all the dishes, and she doesn't even live here. Yay


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