Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Fair!

Bloody Aucklanders get everything. I've just found out about the show below, and not just one show, but two. So Not Fair!! Why can't they share. My Mummy taught me it was good to share. Of course it is way too late for me to get there for it, plus I have 'other plans' for this weekend.

Not only does it feature members of Joy Division (and in Finn tradition an offspring as well), and they play the album sequentially, but also one of the support acts is my old mate Harry. Harry the Bastard of the Club H releases, aka Harry Ratbag from Rip it Up when it a freebie way back in the 80's, aka Harry Russell one of my partners in crime at the Six Month Club. Ugh, brief break for a drift down memory lane....

A Certain Bar, my that was so long ago. Anyone out there remember it and the blue pool tables? The Six Month Club was the bizz. I was the coat check girl, my bestest job EVAH. Danced my arse off, made a fortune, only drank French bubbles. The Brat wasn't quite so lucrative for fun or coat checking loot due to layout, but stuck it for a few weeks before I went off and explored the world on my coat money.

So, not only does Auckland get the only Adam show, but now the uber cool Unknown Pleasures one as well. I am moving to advanced sulk mode.


peter said...

We used to go to the Six month club after the nightclub , Metropolis closed (Abby's Hotel)

The Abby's staff had a ball there. Great music and great times, so long ago now.

unPC lesbian said...

It was fun. I was just inside the door as you came in, perfect view of everything.

Learned a few interesting lessons too:

The less clothes I wore the more money I made.

Boys really are too easy to part with their loot when in the presence of scantily clad woman.

Bus Driver Girl, I do sometimes wonder how life would have gone had you actually talked to me instead of just standing in the doorway staring forlornly all night.

Scruff, well what can you darling rough boy protector.

Anonymous said...

Bus Driver Girl knew exactly how it would go......don't under estimate the girls that stare....might be you could have spoken to her....imagine that!

unPC lesbian said...

I was stuck behind my table guarding the coats, I couldn't leave my post. she only had to walk 4 metres FFS!

Rat said...

Hookey Rocked !! Second time I seen him in 8 years.

You should have got a guide to come and take you by the hand

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah Rat, I could have done with a;
A change of speed, a change of style, a change of scene, with no regrets.....

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