Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of the teams finally had their Christmas event last weekend. I had purchased the beverages for them and organised for it to be at the venue. This morning when I got in I found a box in my office containing two bottles of bubbles and few bottles of soft drink, which I figured were the leftovers.

During my morning rounds I passed the team leader who said he'd put the leftovers in my office and commented on how precise the calculation of supplies had been. In the spirit of the catchphrase de jour I "took the compliment." However I still can't help thinking, accuracy and efficiency, that's what you pay me for!


Jody said...

Sad arse lawyers.....who gives back alcohol?????? Assuming taxi chits, who failed to rally the team to "com'on, only two bottles left".....NZ has gone to hell in a handcart.
Of course your artful "repurposing" gives me hope!

unPC lesbian said...

I know!! I couldn't believe A: there was anything left, and B: it was returned.

Alcohol wise there were only 3 bottles of bubbles which has promptly gone into FND stock.

Fuck knows what I'm gonna do with the soft drinks!

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