Monday, February 7, 2011


I see from news reports last week that some astronomer has said that the stars have all shuffled around, that there are now 13 constellations, and that everyone is no longer the starsign they thought they were. I like a gazillion other people regularly, yet randomly read my horoscope, but have now decided this astronomer must be correct.

Below is an excerpt from a large astrological site, it is an extract from the February forecast for my sign.

This month Venus will move through Capricorn, the very best sign for you, for there Venus will fill your house of true love. While you have Venus so beautifully oriented this month, why not pick up something new to wear that will make you feel simply fabulous? Two of your most sensational nights will be Friday, February 4, and Saturday, February 5 - divine on so many counts.

Though I did have very lovely and entertaining nights on the 4th and 5th, I think the fact that they were spent with friends keeping me laughing and smiling through yet another romance disaster is a tad incongruous.

I'm totally with this astronomer dude.


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