Saturday, February 26, 2011


What can one say about something so devastating that is affecting us all. To be honest my faith in the Universe is wobbling a bit now after too much awfulness already this year.

The boy is ok but his house has suffered damage. They are still without water and power but getting by. I can still hear his scream on the phone when another aftershock hit.

 I can't even conceive of how MaxL and hundreds of others are feeling with their family and friends still in the CTV building rubble. The emotions and trauma that they are all facing, and in the case of XChequer, having to deal with a grim discovery on a CD clean up mission.

I, like so many others, feel totally useless sitting in my ivory tower and not able to do anything other than keep in contact and send money. However, we have raised a staggering sum of money in the last 24 hours and the media is saying this is what Christchurch needs.

I thought of going down for the weekend to help physically in some way, but everyone is still too dazed to make decisions, and XChequers words were "keep living life as normal and tell us about it so we can remember that normality will return."

Normal life for Christchurch seems inconcievable at this point.

 Arohanui to all, kia kaha.


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