Saturday, October 10, 2009

Been Busy

Have been uber busy of late Corporate Dyking and swinging my hatchet around. This week included a quick trip to Auckland, and gutted I missed Cactus by 24 hours and I would have loved more inside gossip on this story, but XIE filled me in on a wee bit.

Lesson learned, never plan a drink date with Linkwhore because he's liable to stand you up, just as well I had back up dates organised. Oooh and now I can't link to his blog cos it seems I've been dumped as a facebook friend!!!!! [runs to find razor blades]

Now battling an icky cold (thanks I.T Manager) and even ickier weather, which is making me reconsider my plans of watching the hot girls in skimpy clothes battle it out on roller skates tonight., but as I still have a supply of those cold pills, I'm sure I'll make it.

Now to decide if I'm gonna manage some cardio today at all.


Juli Ryan said...

How many days a week do you usually do cardio?

unPC lesbian said...

oooh depends on work etc, but usually 4. I try to do HUGE run on Sunday. Big weights Monday, mix of run and weights Tuesday. Weds rest, Thursday big run, Saturday whatever the hangover permits, but usually cardio and weights.

It's all a bit all over the show at the moment as I'm trying to get my distance up for the 1/2. But normally I'd do 2 full cardio, 1 heavy weights only, and 1 light weights and cardio.

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