Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Happy!!

I have developed plantar fasciitis which is a fancy name for a sore foot. It is apparently a common injury for runners, which also pisses me off, cos you know, I'm special, not common!

My Doctor sent me off to see a podiatrist today who's claim to fame is that he can cure the condition while you keep training. Well that turned out to be a pile of runny dog poo as well, as the first thing he said was "no running for a month". As I have said before I don't cope well without my regular running endorphins. He tried to soften the blow by saying I'd already done the first week as I haven't had a run since last Wednesday. He also suggested that I could do spin. Fuk me, I have a SORE FOOT, not some bizarre masochist complex.

So I went to the gym tonight to do some cardio and started on the rower feeling very virtuous that I had the pod on shuffle and wasn't listening to new fave tune for the 4th time today (unrelated video 3 times) and was going well till the 15 minute mark when the smelliest boy in the gym decided to run and fart at the same time on the treadmill next to me. Off to the bikes. After 15 minutes on the bike I remembered I HATE BIKES. Off home to slash wrists.

Get home and of course remember that I can't slash wrists as I'm a waxer, and child's blades are rusty (I may want to slash but I'd hate for them to get infected) so thought it would be much more fun to deeply gouge my knee with my thumbnail while I attempted to take my running lycra's off without taking off my shoes.

My long weekend plans are now screwed as the highlight I'd been so looking forward to was breaking 15k on the road. I don't know how I am going to survive the next three weeks.


Bryan Spondre said...

My suggestion: sublimate. Find some hot chick and fuck her senseless for three weeks until your foot gets better.

BTW: Super anal typo alert it's not "Fuk", it is "fuck".

BTW2: Still planning my revenge for the roasting I got a couple of weeks ago :-)

unPC lesbian said...

BTW 1, as an expletive I prefer it without the "c" as I like how it looks. As an action of course I have the "c" there cos thats where I want to be.

BTW 2, Don't get too feisty Bryan or I may not tell you the current going ons in my life that may interest you!!

Chris said...

Well, I had to give up running for a while after bilateral achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and five stress fractures during a five year competative period.

Problem is that the only thing that gets close to the buzz is cycling, and that is no substitute.

If I can get an hour run in thric a week it is a good week -- if I do more I get injured.

So lotsa sympathy for you.

unPC lesbian said...

Hate bikes on the road more than I hate bikes in the gym....I usually only get on one to cool down and read the trash mags.

I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of rowing in the next 3 weeks!!!

AJ said...

Just think, at the end of 3 weeks (3.5 if you want to be anal), you get a special treat!

unPC lesbian said...

ooooh secret identification code.

little drummer boy said...

If there is a smelly boy at the gym next to me, I always go to another area. Just in case the girls think I'm the one thats smelly!!.

To be honest I'm more put off by a smelly girl, because in my male fantasy land I imagine all you ladies applying a scent before working out.

I know who the smelly boy's are in my gym, and they are always smelly!!

Punting on the Styx said...

join me and HT at pole dancing.
Ms Gotlucky
(PS come over this weekend and meet HT)

unPC lesbian said...

Will do....visit over the weekend that is....fuk me, climbing up your front steps counts as a cardio workout on it's own!!

Mightg be an idea to walk in when I visit as well!!

Punting on the Styx said...

You'll have to walk here because I have no intention of letting you leave sober.
Reasons to have 100 steps to our house:
-sort out the wheat from the chaff
-get gorgeous arses
-superheros have to look down on the world

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will cheer you up http://www.lotl.com/default2.asp?Category=686

unPC lesbian said...

oooh, cool thanks for that. I'd seen something about it on her facebook page. I'm hoping the show will go international......

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