Friday, December 24, 2010

Dramatic Rescue

When I got in to the office yesterday the other early starting staff member was fretting badly. Two of the babies had fallen out of the nest and were huddling in a corner, and we were both frustrated at not being able to do anything as we can't reach the balcony from our level.

About an hour later while I was pretending to be the receptionist on level 21 I heard a large amount of screeching and squawking and could see seagulls flying and diving. Five minutes later the following email arrived.

"At some point this earlier this morning, 2 of our short friends from the Seagull’s nest, possibly aided by the Northerly, took an unscheduled flying lesson. The trip ended with them bundled into the corner of the balcony near the window cleaner’s crane gear. Mum and Dad stood watch over their errant children, alarmingly leaving the third chick alone in the nest.

A surprisingly senior looking stockbroker from L12 got one back into the nest but had to retreat from the dive bombing attack that could have ruined his Christmas, not to mention his dry-clean only suit. 10 minutes later, the L12 ornithological society were out again, but this time they were tooled up. The pictures tell the story..."
Needless to say I took them down a bottles of bubbles as thanks for their efforts.
We are now all fretting as to how they will survive over the holidays if they fall out of the nest while there is no one to rescue them.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Is it only me that finds the potential dompost headline of "Stockbroker falls to death from Level 12 on christmas eve whilst trying to save Jarvis the baby seagull..." funny?

Happy holidays unpc!

May we meet in the future...

unPC lesbian said...

It was commented yesterday that maybe this story should be sent to the Dom Post. It's far more exciting than Wednesdays front page feature.

Well anonymous, the images give a pretty good clue to the building I work in, so maybe our paths may cross!!!

Christopher said...

so, suits actually have hearts. Or perhaps they always do but those suits distort them?

Lovely story, lovin' the way humans care for nature...

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