Friday, March 16, 2007

Alloy Wheels

While going through the daily trauma of parking the car on my return home I started to ponder about alloy wheels. I live in a city where OSP is a precious commodity that I can't afford, hence parking on the street.
Now as any woman will tell you the only way to know that you are close enough to the curb is the noise of the wheels scraping along it, so who would invent wheels that disintegrate through this process. A male of course. Had these wheels been invented by a woman they would be made of the hardest material known to humankind, but would also include a little bounce factor for those unexpected tricky bumpy bits.
What is alloy anyway? Surely there is something more robust out there. If NASA space research was able to give us fabulous cookware, smooth irons, and that lovely springy metal wire they put in your children's braces, surely they could invent wheels that can survive my parking manoeuvres.
Another downside of the parking dilemma is the funny white marks that scraping along the curb leaves on your tyres. However, I have now thought of a way to turn this into an upside, I'm going to revive "whitewalls". I realise this process will take a lot of commitment from me but I know I'm more than capable of it.


Mrs Smith said...

I want wheels like that too. Footpaths are a nuisance and should be abolished.

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