Saturday, March 17, 2007

bad Jamie

I had the misfortune of watching a Jamie Oliver show last night. As I have just paid the school fees for the child's state school education, social events away from the house are on hold for the interim. I didn't mean to watch this show, I had in fact taped (yes that's right old fashioned magnetic stuff) the Trinny and Susanah substitutes show, but apparently it's no longer on. This is annoying on two counts;
  • It's taken me the whole season to accept that my idols have been replaced and to warm to the new versions and,
  • If I know I am going to watch the show I need to spend the entire day prior chanting "she is not a drag queen", "she is not a drag queen"

So, a whole days chanting wasted.

Jamie was particularly boring, I do tend to think he is so last century but apparently there are still millions out there who don't. Personally I think they just watch him out of pity because his parents didn't care enough to take him to speech therapy. In the last few years he has set up a new restaurant with social misfits as staff, revamped England's (well the Home Counties) school dinners, travelled on his own round Italy cooking al fresco, and now appears to be doing his version of the "Good Life" in some rustic cottage somewhere. Where is the wife? Where are the children?

However, the point of this post is that he has a new gizmo. This is the boy who turned the old stone mortar and pestle into a designer household item, but evidently they are now just so yesterday. To replace it he has an item that looks eggshape and screws together in the middle. Inside is a large round ball object. He places the herbs inside and shakes it very hard, he did appear to be giving himself an injury, and he really should take turns to shake with each arm equally as you wouldn't want to get lop sided. This gizmo seems to be made of a very strong material, maybe wheel manufacturers should investigate. It also had a name which I didn't catch and as the whole show was just so dreary I'm not about to rewind to find out.

I do forsee though a queue forming in trendy cooking shops around the country. I may do some market research during the coming week.


Mrs Smith said...

I love WNTW, and after watching 5 minutes of the new series with the damned replacements, refused to watch more. But hurrah! Trinny and Susannah are back! Living Channel,8.30, Saturdays. I have set My Sky so I don't miss a single precious moment.

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