Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fruit Fly's

These are the 21st century version of fag hags, but the name, cute that it is, doesn't quite conjure up the same image. The term fag hag brings to mind a bitter woman who has let herself be cruelly mistreated by both men and women alike and takes refuge in the safety of her relationship with a pet fag. By being BFF with a gay boy she can conduct a close relationship of the female kind, do girly things with make up and clothes, tell all secrets, play round with hair do's and products but feel safe from the bitchiness, cat fighting and boyfriend stealing that is inherent in straight girl friendships. Likewise she has a male companion that she can trot out when needed without the added complication of sex arising, and knowing that she's not going to get thrown over for a newer model with bigger tits. Fag hags have lived life, they have stories to tell, albeit doormat mistreatment stories you probably don't want to hear, but they have a reason for being who they are, and thus I can understand.

Fruit fly's don't!

Fruit fly's are the new breed. They are young, and yes I admit that I am of the age where all the Mr Plods look like they've just graduated kndergarten, but these girls are junior junior league. When I see them in the clubs I keep looking round for their legal guardians. They are predominantly blonde and all wear similar little skimpy black dresses and lots of bling. They all have their own pet boy. I just don't understand, what have they done in life at their tender age to want to hide in this sort of relationship, AND, the boys are mean to them. The boys try to make the fruit fly's jealous by going off and dirty dancing with the sexy hot lesbians, and still they hang around. This has me so confused that I think I need to go and conduct more market research.

One more thing to ponder though is why is there no Lesbian equivalent? I guess the heterosexual male is the answer to that. If a fruit fly's pet boy started snogging another fag the fruit fly would back off. If a lesbian was out with a pet het and started snogging another woman, the het would want to join in, simple really.


Mrs Smith said...

'Pet het.' Love it.

Ms Klake said...

I suspect it has something to do with either the old 'I can turn him straight' idea (which I've seen far too many women consider, and admit I've laughed at relentlessly), or the fact that it's now quite 'cool' to hang out in the gay scene.

Just like it's now cool to be bisexual, and everyone is doing it.

Now what we need is a post explain the women who do this:
"I'm straight.
Nope, now I'm bisexual.
Ok, I'm a lesbian.
Oops, I was wrong I'm actually straight again."

unPC lesbian said...

Why is it tho that these women think they need a label. Is it just too hard for them to figure out that sexual desire and attraction isn't about gender, but solely about attraction and desire.

brenda said...

sometimes sexual desire and attraction is also about how many wines you've had ...

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