Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jamie update and warning

A wee bit of market research has been conducted on the new Jamie gizmo, and indeed stacks of the new toy are to be had at gourmet cooking shops, nestled in amongst the stacks of Jamie fry-pans. Strangely no-one had one out of the box for punters to play with, gosh even D'Vice lets you play with all the toys before you buy. I of course immediately pulled it from it's packaging to have a good look, it looks very sturdy, and it's an interesting concept. A blend of an old fashioned pharmacist pestle inside a mini food processor bowl, of sorts.
I still have some doubts about it so have had it subjected to some vigourous testing the results of which are below......

As I suspected, one needs to shake with both sides equally. Conclusion, purchase with caution.


Cactus Kate said...

The right side (to us) looks like your former husband.

another bloody lesbian said...

I think Jamie has another market, put 2 in a box add a video/DVD instructions and you have the next fitness craze.

unPC lesbian said...

Oh Cactus, so true LOL, and still laughing.

Good idea ABL.....maybe we could pitch the idea to Jillian (swoon)

Thats (triple swoon)

Cactus Kate said...

Jesus UnPC that Jillian has muscles. Don't know how lay...dee like that is although its far more attractive than mutton flaps on some old women.

And before I continue making jokes on your blog about your ex-husband I just want to declare to yourself and the audience that I never slept with him. Like you in the end, I always found him deeply unattractive.

unPC lesbian said...

Ha ha ha, however our mutual friend Xie did!!!

We liiiike Jillian, tho a bit too pretty and girly for me as androgeny is my specialist subject. I will be devoting an entire post to her shortly.

ps. My girl has a body like hers

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