Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Go Christine

While doing all my busy Mummy things last night, you know how it is slap the cat, de-flea the child, I managed to catch snippets of the JohnBoy Campbell show that was totally dedicated to the current smacking debate. Christine Rankin was one of the panel guests. She caught my eye as it appears she has finally listened to Trinny and Susannah. Her skirt was just on the knee, her colours were muted and well blended. She actually looked very Parnell, though not beiged out to blandness more salmoned (personally I feel salmon is something one should eat not wear). Her earrings still need work however as it looked very like they were trying to turn themselves into a necklace on their own accord. In amongst this vital fashion critique I did catch one snippet of her closing statement that I must repeat.
Why should a childless woman dictate to us how we raise our children.

Low blow Christine, love it.


Cactus Kate said...

Errggh wrong argument. Rankin was in charge of WINZ so I could apply the same logic:

"Why should a woman with a job dictate to us how to get one".

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah, not one of my favourite people hence heavy focus on fashion sense. I see she now operates as a "motivational" speaker among other things. Someone should motivate her to get some new earrings!

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