Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sue Bradford vs Fashion

I guess as one who doesn't vote it could be taken that I should not comment at all on politicians, or the other extreme that I have the freedom to comment on everyone as I have no allegiance. As the catalyst for this blog (as with many others, I'm seeing a theme here) was fashion I can say what I bloody well like. I mean it really is a worry when the best dressed person in Parliament used to be a man, and now she's gone who's going to carry the style flag.
Since I'm talking fashion and politics I'm obviously going to have to touch on the disaster that is Helen Clark. Please, PLEASE Helen go and hire Mrs Shipley's stylist. Now Jenny is of a slightly generous build but whenever you see her she always well put together, she has been given the rules and she follows them. Helen is of a moderate body size and shape and could actually wear anything well, but she doesn't. Just because you have a piece of paper that says this goes with that it doesn't mean you have style. It has to be worked at. If I was a fashion designer she would be number one on my list of banned clients as every garment she wears looks like it was just picked up off the bedroom floor. The yellow number, throw it away! I did my best to spill her cup of tea on it the last time she was on premise, will try harder next time. And the haircut, I'm sure her hairdressers must slash their wrists every time she is seen on TV. It's NOT THAT HARD to have and maintain a low maintenance hairdo.
However, back to the original subject of this post, Ms Bradford. Now Ms Bradford in my mind has always been a rather butch looking woman with the most hideous bleached and badly permed frizz on top, wearing clothes rescued from the St Vincent de Paul reject pile, and always screaming radical left wing socialist catch phrases. Don't get me wrong, society needs extremist's at both ends of the spectrum, right and left wing, to point out the issues so compromise can be reached, but that doesn't mean they have to do it without style.
I saw Ms Bradford on TV on Sunday bleating on with her usual overly emotive language about her little bill, but I almost didn't recognise her. She had a hairdo, in fact she had a DESIGNER hairdo with little flicky bits everywhere. Not only does she have a hairdo but she also has hair colour. Now that's not very Green of you is it Sue putting all those toxic chemicals into the environment. Your co leader doesn't do it. As well as hair colour she also had make up on. I could tell because the garish pink of her lips stood out, was hard to tell with the rest of her face, but I can assume that now it's obviously OK for all those animals to be sacrificed for the sake of cosmetics research. I have now just had a look at the Greens website, and OMG you're trying to tell me that image on there is Sue Bradford, all airbrushed and butter wouldn't melt looking. Sorry Sue but two words come to mind. Sold out!
I'm a fairly gullible person and always strive to believe the best in everyone but I'm going over to the other side on this one and agreeing with those around me. Sue Bradford's interest in the bill is all about Sue Bradford, and pushing the image and career of herself, she just lucked in on a topical issue to help propel the cult of self promotion. I wouldn't be surprised if she now counted Winston Peters as a close buddy.


stef said...

I think it's a NZ woman thing in general and the leaders are merely representative of this.

I flew Air NZ yesterday as was staggered at the way the crew were dressed. I realize that part of the problem appears to be the scrubs-inspired uniform, however fashion designers can only do so much ...

unPC lesbian said...

Don't get me started on the Air NZ uniforms!! Yes I know they are Zambesi but they're just not lasting. Yes 100% wool blah blah, but I've never seen a woman in one that looks tidy or smart.

I get new uniforms for my staff once a year so am well informed on durablity, washability, fabric, fibre etc etc. There is just something inherently wrong with the Air NZ uniforms, the trousers sag, the skirts hems droop, the only thing that has lasted is the wrappy thing and thats because no one knows how to wear it correctly so they just don't!

Anonymous said...

I find it a pleasure to see the big improvement in Sue Bradford. She is now much more presentable. It is a pity that she talks so much crap.
A few years ago her looks reminded me of why God invented alcohol.
For those of you who do not know the answer;
"So that women like Sue Bradford could enjoy the pleasures of the flesh".

unPC lesbian said...

Steve, have a look at her profile on the Green website, there was actually a point when she was not unattractive, and strangely those pictures are when she was with a man..... so beer goggles weren't needed then.

Her image post that time tho would have me picking her as a radical hard core left wing dyke, leader of the anti penetration faction.

Mrs Smith said...

Dear UnPC,
Most people look back on photographs of themselves from the '80s, and rightly cringe in horror. It really was a frightful era. The photo you sent me, however, was magnificent. You are indeed a style icon if you can pull that era off, with one's dignity intact. I genuflect before your greatness.
Mrs Smith

unPC lesbian said...

But wait....there's more!!! Yes I feel I was blessed that day with the designer garments we were expected to wear. Was rather tempted to snaffle the shoes tho.

Anonymous said...

yous joking bradford was always ugly and always will be, she makes NZ look small and stupid, no wonder Key ended it all,

unPC lesbian said...

Grammar Peter, grammar. A few comma's and apostrophe's and your comment may even make sense.

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