Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kim Hill gossip

While queue standing in the supermarket the Listener front page caught my eye, Kim Hill in a tizz over gossip. I very bravely ignored the signs to not read the magazines and quickly started to speed read the article. I didn't make it past the first paragraph. It appears that what has got Ms Hill hot under the collar (and possibly other places also) is an alleged rumour doing the rounds that Ruth Pretty, of catering fame, has left her husband of many years to move in with Kim Hill. I assume there was more to the article than this as it was 4 pages long with many pictures but I couldn't read anymore through the tears of laughter running down my face.

Puhleeeese. I know Ruth Pretty is a fabulous chef, and also to be admired as a successful business woman having made a lovely lifestyle out of what she does best, but to seen as lesbian lust object, no, no, no!!

Kim Hill of course is another story altogether. It is well known that she is the lust fantasy of many a lesbian, and there's an army of dykes out there just waiting for the moment to be able to say "I told you so!". And if she does ever come out there will be equally as many saying "well of course I was shagging her before, we just wanted to keep it private".

Kim Hill is what you would call "thinking womans crumpet", she is also "thinking mans crumpet" as she seems to appeal equally to both genders. Personally I think it just boils down (nudge nudge) to my specialist subject, androgyny. She may wander round in her chic little Robyn Matheson/ RJC/ Zambesi femme numbers but what is on her feet, honking great Doc Marten sandals. Trinny would have a fit. Hiding under all those layers is a gender neutral little body that is just screaming to have a go at the k.d lang or Ellen DeGeneres look. Annie Lennox (deep deep closet) does it and looks hot, even Hillary Swank was passable at it, and Chloe Sevigny did it brilliantly (swoon).

So come on Kim, make some gossip, wear some soft drag for a while. I can see it now, hordes of dumpy little grey hedgehog head lesbians slip slime-ing their way down the Terrace to RNZ house hoping to be lucky, hormone overload. Bring it on.


Mrs Smith said...

...dumpy little grey hedgehog head lesbians What a brilliant description. You are soooo naughty!

Anonymous said...

Yes but, is it nature or nurture?

unPC lesbian said...

Both of course. One is conditioned from birth and greater society that Hetero is the way things are (nuture) but the sometimes these nagging little desires arrive that can't be controlled (nature)

Some give in and some don't and varying degrees of happiness and pleasure are found in following either option.

Anonymous said...

scary stuff, no breast, too savage, no appeal to real man at all,

unPC lesbian said...

Oooh, well just as well you're not a real man then isn't it Peter.

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