Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lesbian Heaven?

Now isn't this just every Lesbians dream tree! No need for those expensive bits of silicon from D'Vice.

I have a great urge to source some seeds and send them off to the anti-penetration league.


Cactus Kate said...

what on earth is that?

unPC lesbian said...

Lookslike a dildo tree to me!! You know, for those girls who like a bit of "rough" play!

Alan said...

geez i hope you are joking about the anti penetration league, sounds rediculous :)

Daft looking tree, though she looks intrigued :)

unPC lesbian said...

No mate, not joking about the non penetration clique. There is a hard core group (all puns intended) of lesbians who eschew any form of penetration. Personally I think they have some deep dysfunctional sexual disorder, which I guess they treat by going to work for Helen Clark

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