Monday, May 28, 2007

Fashion Crime

I have committed a fashion crime, and being the giving person that I am, I am willing to admit it. Not only is it a fashion crime, but it is almost a heinous fashion crime.

It is a fashion crime for many reasons as follows:

1: it was purchased from one of the child's favourite stores, that nasty Australian one starting with "S" that no one can pronounce properly. Does it end in eeeee, or ay, or just a grunt. As Trinny and Susannah will tell you, mothers should NOT be purchasing clothing at teenagers stores.

2: it is made from synthetic fabric. I do concede that all chiffon these days is predominantly synthetic as no one can afford true silk chiffon anymore (Mrs Smith excluded), but I did find the need to grease my arms with a good quality moisturiser to stop it clinging with static. The body of the garment is saved as it is lined.

3:the part that almost makes it is a smock! I confess that along with bell bottoms and platform soles I NEVER thought smocks would return, but lordy me here they are again.

You may wonder since the garment is such a crime why did I buy it, well it looks truly lovely on, and I had to go out that night and had nothing to wear. It's such a lovely little number, all floaty and with frilly bits in all the places I like frilly bits to be, and a beautiful deep scooped neckline which hints at a cleavage that isn't there. I have just had a look at the stores website and found that it is in fact a dress!!

I now have a new dilemma as of course NONE of my jackets go perfectly with the new top. I have a vision in my mind of the perfect little shaped velvet (cut cord at a pinch) jacket to complete the look and I know I'm just not going to rest till I find it.


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