Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boredom AAA++

I am currently in a wee lull at the moment so have been spending the time very productively editing a database. This as you know is a fairly dull task so while one side of the brain is going "save/delete" the other is able to concentrate on more interesting things, though quite possibly equally as useless and boring. My reward for another hour completed is a quick scan down my blog list to see if anyone has anything new, so those of you with site stats...Yes it's me clicking through several times a day.

One thing I've been pondering is that favourite blogger Cactus Kate often makes reference to Helen Clark's coterie of lesbians surrounding her in Parliament, which set me thinking about lesbians in our capital city. When I first arrived in this city a few years ago I thought the place was just heaving with lesbians as I kept seeing all these rather mannish creatures everywhere in bad suits and with short haircuts. After a few attempts at socialising in the "scene" I soon realised that this was not the case and it was in fact a completely separate sub genre altogether. I of course have named them and they are Spinsters With Awfully Bad Haircuts.
Oooh spinster, now isn't that an interesting emotionally laden word, and funny how bachelor doesn't quite have the same response. Picture Justin Timberlake and the word bachelor, it fits, now picture Cameron Diaz and the word spinster, doesn't quite gel. However the emotion of language is not the point of this blog. Back to the SWABH's.
I don't understand, why do they do it? If they have no interest in sex, I can understand, likewise no interest in men, can understand, scared to face up to sexuality issues again understand, but none of these are reasons to wear such awful suits and have such nasty haircuts. I myself have gone through several periods of self decided celibacy, once in my early 20's for a couple of years, and again more recently, but never NEVER have I let that be a reason to be badly dressed or coiffed. I may not have been interested in sex with either gender but goodness me I'll make damn sure I'm still well turned out and pleasing on the eye of any who wish to ogle.
I guess these women have deep psychological issues and think they are dealing with it by appearing unattractive to all. Too scared to even open the closet door and see whats inside let alone step in and out of it. Employment wise they also tend to be someone seniors closest assistant, and thereby satisfy emotional needs by being totally indispensable to someone. "It doesn't matter what I look like, my boss couldn't cope without me" . This may be so sisters, but it's still not an excuse to look so bad.
Trinny and Susannah where are you?


Anonymous said...

I'm no spinster but probably look exactly like one of your SWABHs.

I've decided that I prefer the extra time in bed in the mornings rather that spend it making myself look like an approximation of what I imagine other people would prefer to look at.

I don't see what I look like all day and I don't feel any obligation to modify what must be a very harsh and unappealing sight for others

unPC lesbian said...

I too spend as much time in bed each morning as possible, including breakfast and a good few pages of book. I have however honed the preening routine to less than 9 minutes, including dressing, makeup and hair. As said before it's not that hard to look good, that is if you want to. It's all just basics really, buying clothes that fit properly and flatter the body,low maintenance haircut that suits you.

You have obviously decided that you don't care what you look like to others, that is what I don't understand, as to me that's the same as saying you don't care about yourself.

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