Friday, May 18, 2007

Poor old Isabella

I have only in the last few days discovered that Isabella Blow died last week, and was buried on Tuesday. Very fittingly the casket bore a hat by Philip Treacy, but I do wonder what they clothed her in? Judging by the very interesting wikipedia article I imagine it won't be Alexander McQueen.

Though all death is very sad, for someone like myself who just devours biographies, diaries and collected letters I imagine there will soon be some new literature on her life to read, and just the links from the above article are enough to keep me interested for a while.

R.I P. to another quirky interesting woman who contributed in her own way to the fashion and style we have today.


Mrs Smith said...

Isabella was an icon. I suppose her mental instability contributed to her immense creativity?

Death by weed-killer, though. It seems a horribly violent act of self-hatred. Poor soul.

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