Friday, May 30, 2008

All Quiet on the Southern Front

As ones life has again been spun into turmoil, inane attempts at blog humour are a bit thin on the ground.

In the fashion of Mr Clooney I am again single, so I'm very involved in re establishing my life's order, with accommodation being top of the list. At first I thought I'd find somewhere new for the child and I to nest, but it appears that with the current vast increase in rental prices all I can afford are cold damp hovels with peeling wallpaper, not conducive to cosy nesting. The property I looked at today has totally confirmed that I stay put.

So option 2 is to have a "stranger" move in......I haven't had a "flatmate" for over 20 years, I'm not relishing that idea either. However as I can offer them their own private lounge space it may not be too intrusive. Time will tell.

So it's back to the life of celibacy and singledom, and this time I'm not going to break the vow.

No more women and men still seem a bit icky, so it's back to just me the children and my braincells.


otter said...

sorry to hear about the break-up. Those suck. I hope the housing get's resolved soon.

unPC lesbian said...

Life moves on....this is the start of a new beginning to quote the old positive affirmations. I am surprisingly chirpy about it all at the moment, but I have no doubt that the tears are gonna strike again with a vengeance when she has actually moved out.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the stranger is a hot one.

Mrs Smith

Kitten Power said...

Sorry to hear the news . . . hope you're happy whatever happens though.

unPC lesbian said...

Getting there....good days/bad days....would have helped if she'd found somewhere to live that wasn't so IN MY FACE...

Oh and too all those women lineing up to take her place...I mean it, NO MORE WOMEN

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