Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Food Allergies

Dear Client,

Thank you very much for sending in the list of delegates and their food allergies without me having to ask for it. My, aren't there a lot of gluten intolerant, but then that's very fashionable at the moment. Will remember to keep toilet paper and air freshener well stocked just in case the odd bit of wheat slips through.

All our meat is Halal, so no problems there, and we always have a large vegetarian content so that is all tickety boo.

In regards to the last chap, we made the decision some time ago to stop putting penicillin in our food, as we found the taste was too bitter and the little granules made a funny crunchy sound. So I can totally guarantee that all our food is penicillin free.



Cactus Kate said...

Hear hear.

These twits with "special menu" items really should be charged extra or simply go home to eat.

I refuse to lunch with vegans.

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