Friday, May 23, 2008

Orange Rampage

I see the Orange brigade are on the rampage again trying to get people to enrol to vote. I must say I'm amazed at how easily they give up on trying to track you down, gosh the old TV licensing crew showed more tenacity.

I never intentionally fell off the grid when it came to voting, it was purely by accident. I'd worked my normal full day lunch service (200 pax) then at 5pm closed that restaurant and drove the 40k back to town and my second job, so by the time night service had finished the election was over. By that time it was bed for me then back to work in the morning so the election never really registered. (As an aside DPB recipients please note 2 jobs is how a single mother survives without bludging off the taxpayer or even the sperm donor.)

Several months passed and it dawned on me that maybe the Government had changed, I can't actually recall, but really nothing had changed intrinsically in my life as a result.

Again I never made a decision to not enrol, it was an accident due to moving houses at the time and forgetting to send the papers in. When I realised that had happened and the world still turned it then became a bit of a game for me to see how far the Orange crew would go to get me back on the books. Not very hard it seems. Orange envelopes are turning up at my house for current residents and the owners, but not for me. I'm listed in the phone book, so really it's not that tricky.

I have always said that if there was an issue that really stirred me I'd think about voting again, but as both parties are promising tax cuts in some form, and Mr Key last night said he wasn't going to fiddle with WFF, and it's not likely "fashion crime" is going to introduced as a hot topic, there's not really much out there to inspire me to vote.

Now if someone could explain the American political system to me in easy to understand language I'd well appreciate it. I must have been asleep the day it was taught at school as I've only just discovered that Hillary and Obama are on THE SAME SIDE!!, and the current battles on the news are just to decide who's going to lead their team. Who are the Tory's, and who are the Pinko's??? And why is all this stuff taking forever and they haven't even got to the election yet??

I await with baited.........


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