Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mothers Revenge

The sperm donor is in town today for a wine tasting and is taking the child out to dinner. The child was moaning as he wants to take her to Chow but she doesn't feel like Asian, she said she felt like Mexican.

I suggested they went to Flying Burrito Brothers but she said he'd never go there, in a tone of voice that rightly suggested the venue wasn't pretentious enough for him.

I then suggested that they go to Arbitrageur instead, explaining to the child that it was French Provincial and beautiful food.

However, the real reason I suggested it has a wine list of over 400 different wines and NONE of them are his!!


Charlie said...

Your manipulative genius has me awed.

otter said...

Ha ha ha ha I love it!

the word verification thingy is out to get me... no really, it is

Cactus Kate said...

Monsoon Poon would be far more appropriate for the "sperm donor". Seated at the bar area with child throwing rice everywhere.

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