Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Labour Story

It was 16 years ago today that again I was in labour, however this time I was only left in agony for 36 hours before intervention was decided upon.

It was also at about this time of day that the Sperm Donor was standing admiring the lovely view from the delivery suite at Arohaina, while having a conversation about wine with one of his groupies who was disguised as a midwife. I meanwhile was on the slab being cut in places where scissors should never go. Give me the Macbeth option any day.

Then just to finish off the totally enjoyable experience I was put in a twin room (back, no view) with a mother who's baby had clicky hips so it was in one of those nasty casts and cried all the time. My baby meanwhile was still drugged from all the pethidine and like her Mother just wanted to sleep. We were not happy.

I think I'm still suffering from all the trauma.


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