Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Hair Day

No, not mine, I had mine sorted before the power went out. Tho it's a bad coffee day as well. During the power outage I wandered down the Terrace for coffee as Wishbone and Fuel were still operating. I got 2 coffees from Fuel and both ended up in the bin they were so disgusting, never never again will I drink their coffee, I should have walked the extra 10 metres to Wishbone. However, I am digressing.

I have given up on the idea of buying the child a bed for her 16th as I keep getting outbid and the whole auction process is starting to stress me. With only 24 hours to go I have decided to explore option 2 which is a set of hair straighteners. I have consulted with the under 25's on site and they agree it will be a cool gift, so I have spent the last hour ringing around only to find that the desired product is $50 MORE than the budget I had to spend on a bed. Stress levels rising.

I then tried the online process, and even got as far as placing an order for a pink version of said product, when I came a cropper at the payment process. Even though the site advertises the usual credit card and paypal options you appear to be only able to access a "bank wire" process. I tried to contact them by their "contact us" page but that came up with a error and wouldn't process. I have received some automatic emails from the site, but have since cancelled the order as I'm not getting a good vibe. More stress level increase.

I have found another grunty product online which is also pink and also comes with good reviews from reputable places. Feeling a bit wary because of the previous site I took the option of contacting the sales team to do an internet banking order. It's been 10 minutes now and they haven't got back to me, my stress levels are going catastrophic.

I fear my alcohol free week may end very suddenly.


Morgan said...

NZ stores have a $7o trade in on defunct hairdriers or straightners for GHDs at the mo....

unPC lesbian said...

So I've been told...but that means trying to get the child to part with the old ones - not a mission I'm up to.

Anonymous said...

So I guess that means you don't believe that 2 lesbians can ever be jut f"*k buddies.

unPC lesbian said...

I have published the above comment because it's so bizarre and has absolutely no relevance to the post it's made to.

Hmmm, one wonders why someone would comment that way about a post on hair straighteners.

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