Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday Update

I'm now at the start of my last week of holidays, and I'm so into the chill holiday mode that I NEVER want to go back to work. Well to be honest I go back for two days then it's a long weekend, so I'll be easing myself in slowly.

Oh the bliss of weeks on end doing nothing, sleep ins, big long runs most days, weights whenever I feel in the mood, and Jillian on every night at beer o'clock to start the sofa section of the day.

I had a lovely lovely Christmas day and Boxing day plus a blissful New Years Eve, seeing the New Year in in a very pleasurable way, swoon.

The only ick spot so far (besides teeth drama), has been the child's swift ejection from staying with the Sperm Donor and the Step Mother, needless to say that is the last time I will subject her to that.

Today I'm off for a second attempt at viewing the giant calamari at Te Papa. The last time I tried it appeared that the entire lower part of the North Island was there also.

I had set myself 3 gardening tasks for the break, and so far have achieved only one. I'm blaming the high winds for not doing the rest, though I guess I had better conceal the unplanted grasses that some kind friends gave me before they come for dinner tomorrow evening.

I have also caught up on vast amounts of dvd's that I had not seen, and I'm now no longer the only Lesbian on the planet to have not seen Bound, and yes I felt like a femme cliche sitting on the sofa drooling over Gina Gershon, swoon swoon.

Sun, wind, squid, I come.


Zed said...

Sounds like an awesome day..say hi to the squid for me. Take photos!

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