Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Price of Milk

Well the price of cheese actually.

It's all over the media that Fonterra is cutting it's pay out to dairy farmers due to the over 50% decrease in the price of milk solids on the international market, yet here in little old Godzone we are still paying around $12 for a 750g block of cheese. When you are a parent with teenagers in the house that's a significant chunk of the weekly food budget.

I normally purchase food supplies on the basis of buy fresh and local, but until the price of cheese drops to a realistic level I am now going to urge all to buy the Oz product that sits along side the "made in NZ" in the supermarket chillers.

Through the taxes I pay each week I already support a pensioner, which I have no problem with as I fully intend to extract my state funded super when the time arrives. I do however balk at supporting a dairy farmer when consumers in offshore countries can purchase the same "made in NZ" cheese for less than what the NZ consumer pays. And don't even get me started on the price of feta cheese, I gave up buying NZ made on that a long time ago.


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