Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 24 of the In between Employment Experience

And it's all over, well soon to be all over. I have accepted an offer, contracts being couriered round now, and one week to madly shop in. The position is even more corporate than I had before so lashings of new clothes are needed, and I'm thinking some uber femme killers heels will be required as well.

I find it amusing that the salary offered is higher than I started negotiations with, never had that happen before, but what is really spinning my wheels is the Blackberry I will be issued. Cactus and DPF, finally I won't feel forlorn and left out when socialising with you two.

I know I keep banging on about positive affirmations and positive attitude, but to me this outcome reinforces the power of deciding to face life's challenges in a positive way, focusing and working hard at locking the door to any creeping negative thoughts but also ultimately having total self belief and never giving in. Here endeth the sermon!

Part of the job description is "purchasing office supplies and equipment", and as the walls are covered in fabulous art works I do so hope that is included. I quite fancy doing the openings at the dealer galleries swanning round saying I'll have that, and that, oh and that one too. Oh well, back to reality now and off to purchase lashings of celebratory bubbles, and yes it will be that foreign French muck,.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new role!

puntingonthestyx said...

So your role, I take it, is corporate wife? That means you get to chose the drapes, carpets and artwork, sweetie.
Can't wait to celebrate with you!

nzm said...

That's excellent news - congratulations and well done.

Aaron and Andy said...

Well done! Especially on a Blackberry in a recession.

If you don't get your killer heels on time, I can lend you some!

unPC lesbian said...

Ha ha A...the sad thing is I'm sure they would fit me too. Am just about to blog about clothes shopping day 1, but yes have got heels tho slightly more on the practical side rather than killer.

NZM, I did seriously consider the Barcelona option, but have less than a week till job starts....

nzm said...

The invitation is an open one - any time!

Annie Fox! said...

You said "I find it amusing that the salary offered is higher than I started negotiations with."

This is the major reason why woman are paid less than men - they don't demand/expect what they are worth. I was like this when I was employed years ago, totally useless I was. Fixed my problem by becoming self-employed.

So many women I know are embarassed to discuss or ask for money. Unless of course it's from the government or husband.

A handy course at school would be 'buisness negoiations - why money is great'.

Well done on the new job - hope the job is fun.

unPC lesbian said...

Annie, yes I do agree with you - however I was quite happy with the salary band I'd opened with, so was tickled pink when the return offer provided extra sanity money.

Ick to depending on Govt, hubby or another at all for income.

I guess I've always negotiated $$$'s so have no bother with the bartering process.

Am in a mad cleaning frenzy now in prep for new job, new life, new experience, new beginning....

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