Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Puppy Love

Yesterday was day one of the great in between employment shopping frenzy. My haul for day one was:

  • 1 Suit, David Lawrence, dark charcoal, skirt and jacket.
  • 2 longsleeve boringly functional cotton lycra scoopneck tops.
  • 1 pair of heels, not killer, have to work my way up to that height
  • 1 pair Ricochet trousers, and yes I AM going to recycle one of the eight pairs I already own
  • 1 red polo neck lightweight wool sweater to wear under above suit.

When I finally got home bearing my heavy load I found on my front doorstep the worlds most cutest puppy. When I pointed him out to the child she was instantly besotted. I carried him down to the street while the child was sent to check nearby houses. I asked the tradesmen working on the property across the road if they had seen anything, the answer was "No, but it suits you." By this stage the puppy was shivering with cold and had burrowed it's head under the lapels of my jacket. It was uber cute.

The child's foray to the neighbouring houses produced no result other than finding places to offer baby sitting services, so it was off round the corner to the SPCA. Then in one of those quirks of fate as we were at the front of the building saying we have found this most gorgeous bundle of the cuteness, the owners were at the back asking if anyone had handed in a puppy. Harmony was restored.

Oh well, shower time now and off for day two of shopping.


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