Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poor Farrah

I feel sorry for her. Not only did she have a long slow painful death, but she ended up being upstaged at the end. She must be spinning.

I do also wonder if the world would be showing the same amount sorrow if it had been Madonna who popped her clogs?


nzm said...

I'm more moved by her death than I am by MJ's.

Farrah was so dignified through all her pain - the doco on her life through her treatment was heart-wrenching. It's easy to say that she was brave throughout her illness, but it's what anyone would do in the same situation - what other choice is there? Give up and get out of here, I guess. She didn't go easily.

MJ was an accident waiting to happen. His music was so much a part of my life from my early teens when he was with the Jackson 5. Who didn't have a copy of Thriller?

Boganette said...

I suppose MJ's death was more 'sudden' than Farrah's because Farrah fan's had been told she was near the end.

Though then again it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone that MJ died reasonably young. Especially if all the prescription pill stuff is true.

I agree MJ was an accident waiting to happen.

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