Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 4 of Shopping

I am having a rest day today. Over the last two days the haul has been somewhat less as I have got a bit jaded and also having a major sulk as the only two pairs of shoes I am in lust with are unavailable anywhere in NZ in my size, and likewise the Liberty print Ben Sherman shirt. I have however acquired a new all in one undergarment so I can wear sheer top layers without fear.

Yesterday I had a complete makeover at the M.A.C counter at Kirks, which was a pleasant experience until about 10 minutes after I left the building and my eyes started to puff up. Somewhat disheartening as I had just spent an unmentionable amount of cash on a large bag of product. It seems the pigments in the eye gunk are the culprit, fortunately a product I didn't purchase. As I have a Big Night Out planned, and the Burlesque show to view I am not tempting fate and just resting up.

I still have child shopping to do so I guess that's the weekend taken care of. The one item that has eluded me is a gorgeous piece of whimsical frippery for my amusement only and not a "work" garment. I haven't managed to find anything that pleases me. I may be tempted to look at jewellery instead.

I did succumb, out of politeness, and purchased a pair of $30 running socks as the boy said they were the bees knees. I have taken them for a run and, to be honest, they didn't make me run any faster or longer so my usual cotton predominant ones will suffice.

Oh well, off for a Nana nap now.


Ms Gotlucky said...

Gosh, did you actually buy cosmetics?? I find if I sleep on my back, the makeover lasts about 3 days (everything but the lipstick). Then you go to another make-up counter and repeat..

unPC lesbian said...

oh yes I purchased loads as part of the new job/new look. I then had to go home and wash it all off before my eyeballs disappeared.

Remember darlink I have over 10 years on you, I NEED everything I bought!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Monday............I'm sure you will kick ass!!

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