Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello World

Yes I am alive but have been so busy with the new job that I haven't had time to read blogs let alone write anything.

All is tickety boo and cruising along well. Having fun trying to get round my BlackBerry, having fun dressing up in uber smart clothes each day, not having fun with the full make up applying in the morning. The minutes I save in travel time are spent battling with cosmetics. Oh well, such is the life of a girl.

Oh, did I say I have a stunning view from my new office. As you can probably gather I'm very happy with the new adventures in front of me, the changes that have happened in my life, and still say thanks every day for how it has all has turned out and bless how fortunate I have been.


Anonymous said...

i liked it better when you blogged about more bitchy things. sigh.

unPC lesbian said...

yes and I liked it too, and I do have a couple of fab story's of the going ons and dramas in the local lesbian community, but sadly at this point can't write the doesn't like receiving bitchy hate mail. And on that note I am seriously thinking of shutting up shop for a bit.

little drummer boy said...

Of course, I've always enjoyed all the workout stories and the occasional hot photos

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