Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The High Cost of Being Femme

As I have mentioned before I have a ball coming up shortly. It is now B day minus 9, so of course the fashion issue is hotting up. As I am one of the creators of this event, and co hostess and compere for the night, the fashion issue is V.I.T.A.L.

All has been going fairly smoothly, the dress is now finished, shoes sorted, only the accessory crisis left to deal with. For some odd unknown reason I started to add up the cost of the outfit. Much of it has been acquired on sale however the numbers are as follows:

Dress, originally $549, purchased on sale, $99.00
8 metres of sparkly netting sewn into underskirt, $28.00
Shoes, buy 1 pair get 2nd half price, $50.00
Lacey bra that was meant to look good under the dress
but doesn't so now lonely and forgotten on the shelf, $35.00
Silicone chicken fillets for cleavage, $20.00
3 extra eylets put into shiny black belt, $18.00
Black belt that caught my eye and matches shoes better, $25.00
Necklace that was perfect, till I decided none was better, $79.00
Fishnets with gold back seam, half price sale, $11.00

Total so far, $365.00

Still to go are party feet front soles and heel pads, eyebrow tinting, new blusher, and lets not forget all the expenses on the night.

It's a fukkin expensive business trying to be femme sometimes. As the theme for this event is Rockstar I almost wish I was butch so I could just put on a flannel shirt and a badly fitting cardy from the op shop, then go as Kurt Cobain.


Bryan Spondre said...

Silicone chicken fillets for cleavage, $20.00

Fuck me drunk!!! Isn't that like a guy stuffing a rolled up sock down his Y-fronts ?

unPC lesbian said...

Absolutely...and may I say Trinny recommends them so it is perfectly acceptable. My co host has a full rack of double d's, I gott do something!!

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