Thursday, November 5, 2009


It seems the plague has scaled itself up to be man flu, however whatever it is I am totally over it and wish I would start to feel better sometime soon.

I so need to be back at work next week. The summer clerks start next week and I have yet to rebuild all their pc's. Project teeth starts next week also, which means many hours off to get the work done, then the week culminates with project personal which I have to be 100% better for.

I've spent the last two days trying to find a new blog template, as I think it's time for an upgrade. I have trawled through thousands and finally found two that are acceptable but when I upload them I find I lose my blogroll. It appears the blog roll is seen as a widget, which I can't see why as the new templates will upload the blog archive ok, and they are both just standard boxes available on the basic blogger layout, nothing that I've uploaded. My html skills are not up to making it happen, and my brain isn't up to even understanding the instructions to make it happen right now. HELP. I neeeeeed a new look, but I don't want to have to load the blogroll in manually. Whimper.


nzm said...

How is your Blogroll stored at the moment - is it a list of html links on your current template, or do you have them on

If the former, in your new template layout in Blogger, you have to Add a Gadget by clicking on that link at the top of whichever column you'd like the blogroll to appear. A pop-up box will appear - select the "HTML/Javascript" gadget which is the 3rd one down. You'll then see it open up. Copy and paste your blogroll html into it, change the name of the roll and click Save to add it to your blog template.

If your list is a list, get the javascript code for the list from your account by clicking on the "Get Blogrolling Code" link, and paste this into a new HTML/Javascript gadget on your blog layout page in Blogger.

If this doesn't help, scrap it, give me more details, and I'll try again!

unPC lesbian said...

advanced aaarrrggghhhh!! I don't know. I thought the blogroll was just one of the standard boxes in the blogger layout??? I just go inot lay out, click edit on the box and then enter in the name and web links....but when normal brain function returns I will investigate further.

Thanks for that 'shell

nzm said...

Ah - so you're using the "My Blog List" gadget already?

I've looked - and I've searched the Blogger Help section. There is no way to transfer this to a new blog template. Looks like you'll have to set it up again. :.(

unPC lesbian said...

yeah, being ill I've had plenty of time to research this, but have come to the same conclusion, dammit.

I think if I take a screenshot of the blog roll in edit mode showing the links, and put my strongest specs on then I can just about read the links to transfer over!!! Anything to avoid writing it down.

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