Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vampire Teeth

I finally got back to work this week and can honestly say I did not need to start the week yesterday by working in the Auckland office in the morning, and the Wellington one late afternoon and evening, however I survived.

Today saw the start of project teeth, which means three 2.5 hour appointments in a row. I had the first one this afternoon and by Thursday phase one should be complete. I had initially visited this particular dentist about a molar repair, but during that consultation he pointed out the vast amounts of erosion on my teeth which he recommended being repaired before proceeding with the molar. It seems the erosion is caused predominantly by wine tasting, as the swirling and spitting keeps the acid in constant contact with the delicate tooth enamel, and then starts to eat through it. This just proves what I always thought was true, it's better to swallow than spit, hence the name of my wine tasting team being "Nice Girls Don't Spit".

The work being done consists of having the six front top and bottom teeth covered and extended with composite, somewhat like a veneer, the remaining baby teeth built up with composite, a gold onlay over the grumpy molar, and finishing off with a mini implant. Sadly NZM, project teeth means that project Barcelona will now not be happening next year. Whimper, but, but -  I had to make one of those dull tedious adult decisions. (sometimes being a mature adult is the pits!)

After I got settled into the chair today I was asked if I'd like to watch a movie or a show at all. I then noticed the screen on the ceiling. I was given a remote and some headphones and started flicking through the options. After my second run through of the selection available I contemplated asking if I could see the arthouse section please, but couldn't speak due to an excess of equipment in my mouth. I ended up watching Juno again, will take the iPod with me tomorrow.

Just over 2 hours later I left with some new looking fangs, and I mean FANGS. He said "a couple of them are a bit long but they will trimmed tomorrow". I definitely have vampire fangs as he started on those side teeth and will complete the centre ones tomorrow. I also can't eat, so made soup for dinner, but of course if one has soup one must have toast. It's quite difficult to suck a piece of sunflower and barley Vogels to a suitable swallowing consistancy, but it can be done.

And on a completely unrelated note, it's back to carrying the childs internet cable in my hangbag. Yes, it's the bedroom/bathroom cleaning showdown again. Little does she know that if I have to clean her bathroom before project personal this weekend, then the lack of internet will be extended over the whole weekend. Ooooh, that may spur her to go and stay at a friends and use their internet. I may carry out this plan.


nzm said...

Dang - these adult decisions can be a bitch. Still, we hope to be here for 2011 too.

I did the teeth thing in Dubai and only got halfway before we had to leave. As a consequence, I still wear a platinum brace which fits behind my 4 upper front teeth that was fitted to realign my jaw and make room for caps. It was only meant to be on for 6 months, but 3 years later..!

I'll get back to it one day. My adult decision was to buy a better camera instead of paying a dentist.

unPC lesbian said...

oh UGH to metalwork in your mouth, even if it is platinum. That also was a major reason to have this done to get rid of the ghastly frame holding in a toof.

I'm told Poland is now the place to go in Europe for affordable dental work, apparently comparable to India for price.

But hey...lovely lovely camera for you.

Juli Ryan said...

Vampire teeth are very "in" right now.

unPC lesbian said...

So I'm told, however now, 3 days in they have become Americas Next Top Model teeth.

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