Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Excitement

Yes my world is so small  that the oddest things give me great joy these days. You will see from the post and comments below that I did something very brave and daring yesterday. After I had finally got the new template up and running I found that I had lost the  blogger navbar up the top there. I know it's not pretty but I find it very useful and the fact that I didn't have it irritated the fuk out of me.

Blogger help was as usual no help, so I had to trawl through various geek forums to find the solution, and it turned out the problem was a piece of code that looked like this:


I then had to go into the code of my template, find the offending piece and remove it, which I did and voila navbar is back.

Now I know you geeky types are going yawn, yawn how trivial and basic, but to me this was a HUGE and valuable learning experience. It ranks right up there with being taught how to change a car tyre properly by a lovely traffic cop when I was a non obnoxious 15 year old. A skill that has served me well all my life, I've never forgotten, and a task I pride myself on being able to do quickly and efficiently (even in the dark by the light of a cigarette lighter in the middle of nowhere!)

I can now see from the little light that switched on in my  brain yesterday that I am going to get all OCD about code now, and what I can learn to do with it. Oh well, makes a change from dribbling on about muscles and workouts I guess.


Juli Ryan said...

I really need to learn how to change a car tyre. I wish I had learned when I was 15.

AJ said...

Dribbling eh? Hmmmm...

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, dribbles an muscles usually go together.

nzm said...

Very purty!

Beware the coding black hole - it will suck you in and you may never find your way back out.

Then, just when you think that all looks beautiful with your template in your browser of choice, you'll test it in another browser and find that it looks like hell. ;.)

Punting on the Styx said...

love the new photo x
ms gotlucky

unPC lesbian said...

of course no where near as impressive as yours!!

Dinner party coming up shortly, wanna be my date?

unPC lesbian said...

NZM, I'm gonna work on the narrow minded girl assumption that EVERYONE uses the same browser as I......but yes my geek trawling did make me aware of that issue. grrr

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