Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Look

So after much dithering this is my new look, though still a bit of a work in progress while I gradually tweak colours and font sizes. I had to manually re load the blog roll, which I have done and tested every link, so you won't end up in some cyber never never land due to data entry dyslexia.

The one small problem that I have now is that I have lost the blogger tool bar across the top. The one that gives you the option to sign in from the blog, and the blog search box, which is something I use quite often. Blogger doesn't really make it that easy to use a template other than the dull 16 they provide on site, but I will persevere.

Woman on a mission, and anything to avoid doing the gardening, floor mopping, laundry, dusting, vacuuming and dishes that are all begging for my attention right now.


Juli Ryan said...

Me like. And I've got the Blogger tool bar.

unPC lesbian said...

Well clever clogs me has just trawled geek sites, found the problem, and gone in and played with code and got my navbar back.

Sadly I am uber uber excited by my achievement!

laughykate said...

Oh, very Bewitched, (as in show, not film).Looks great.

unPC lesbian said...

I'm sure I can get a bit more pink in it, but will save playing with the colours for another day....cos really it is just tooo sad how much time I've spent getting it this far.

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