Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deja vu (or when you're hot....)

It appears the great fork magnet has been directing it's field on the Firm and all our forks have vanished in the last few weeks. I'm convinced there's a huge black hole up in the universe somewhere that is just heaving with forks and teaspoons. However the lack of forks meant a visit to one of those cheap chain everything for the home stores today. This one fortunately was having one of their "everything discounted to midnight" sales so I managed to pick up a replacement lasagne dish as well.

While I was surveying the forks and mentally calculating the best end cost of the 25%, 40% and 50% deals offered, someone came and talked to me. When I focussed on what he was saying I realised he was asking me on a date. My immediate response was "you've done this before" and sure enough it was my Indian stalker boy. Deja vu! He said he still wants to take me out for coffee or a drink, two years on!

I gave in this time and said yes, and the look on his face was a treat. It appears he has moved to a more upmarket suburb hence not running in to him over the last 2 years. I did tell him that I am very busy, but he said coffee is fine.

I am intrigued. Why does he still want to have a date with me? But 10 points to him for being brave enough to try again.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he saw your daughter with you ?

unPC lesbian said...

No he would have a mile then, and also I think the text to my phone saying "I have a major crush on you" is fairly telling.

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