Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Cover

I was reminded today of a classic Nana saying which is "never judge a book by its cover", and how true that saying is sometimes.

I blogged recently of how I would love this butch calendar, and lucky me, a very kind reader has sent it to me. I was so excited when it arrived, until I took it out of it's cellophane wrapper. Quite frankly it's a total piece of shite. The cover is the best part of it.

First up is the quality of the paper it is printed on, and note the word paper. It feels like it's about 120 gsm tops, and the cover is the same weight as the contents. The images are average, though I do think they appear worse than they are due to the print quality. Fuk me whoever signed off on the colour tones should be shot. Also, assuming it is the print job that is doing it, several of the women look as though they have a nasty red body rash, or wicked acne.

And finally the "butch" models. I still stick by my original thoughts for June and October, hot, HOT! July I'm not so fussed on now due to the rash across her upper chest, and also because my biceps are FAR larger than hers. November, whom one would assume would normally appeal, is just ick. Maybe if she cut her hair off and did the full trans look it would work. March, April and May get in on the androgynous ticket, so not butch, and January has long hair!! Again this just reinforces how feminine the American concept of butch is. I've blogged on this topic before. It really does seem that the Hollywood L Word image of a lesbian is what the American dyke community aspires to. Again, as said before, at least down this end of the planet we know how to do butch properly.

Don't get me wrong, I do love this calendar, it's so bad it amuses me greatly. I owe the sender a glass of fine pinot, though with the quality of the gift one does wonder if Chateau Cardboard would suffice.


XChequer said...

December for me!

Great look, well carried off (perhaps L Word lookalike) and could be New Zealands first masterchef.

Wrong thread?

New Zealand's first Lesbian Identifying blogger since 1884

Jody said...

Too funny, it's not like anyone could have talked you out of this little gem is it? And I can promise you if you want butch the New Zealand way (and then some) come on over and visit the Bay area, I know just the bar for you.......

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, yes, I know, bitch slap to me. But you maus admit, you can see why I was so drawn to the cover!

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