Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Awwww, Bless

Number one daughter has gone back to the sperm donors for the summer to work and save money for her second year. She has managed to get a job which she says is "climbing up trees and counting apples." As I figure a ladder will be involved I am not fretting, but I am laughing madly at the 7.30am start. 

We are back to text and email communication, and I have had a couple of classics in the last two days. Firstly a text I received yesterday, "my life is so boring, I am loving it." And then an email I received:

You like that dumb "awkward family photos" website... these are real ones that have come up on my faceboowall in the last week.

I know some weird people.

I'm just glad you're not crazy like these families.

Love you bye
Here is one of the pictures.
I do look forward to more of her correspondence over summer.


nzm said... that a wedding party??? ;.)

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!! This just made my day! I can't believe I have only just discovered your blog...

unPC lesbian said...

Aww shucks anonymous, thanks. I'll try and be a bit more prolific.

NZM, As the background scenery to me looks like it may be the King Country, I think you are probably right!

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