Monday, November 8, 2010


I purchased a gorgeous purple Charlie Brown tunic dress on the weekend at the new designer recycle Red Cross store in my 'hood. It has lovely ruffly bits at the bottom of the sleeves and hem. It is also Quite Close Fitting.

I tried it on with leggings, heels and my stretch 'n' grow underneath to smooth out the lumpy bits. I then asked the child for her opinon. She said it looked good, it made me look slim and that I could wear it in public.

I am now torn. Is what she said true, or is it child revenge?


Anonymous said...

Ha, a back handed compliment !. Don't cha love those ?.

Pip said...

Whoa, back up there unPC. A Charlie
Brown dress????? Okay, I confess fashion labels arn't my forte. (unless we're talking Hallenstines, Warehouse, Rebel Sports and, when feeling rich, Barkers). So I say again, A Charlie Brown Dress !!!

My childhood hero, into dresses, in DRAG no less. The Charlie Brown, the epitome of my youth, the first love of my life. The boy next door who stole my heart and set the bench mark for all other's to come.

Of course, no boy could ever measure up, so the 'hot girl' next door more than compensated for my lust.

As for Charlie Brown, he obviously became a fashion icon, short, bald and all, and spent the last 50 years besotted with that damn dog of his..... Sounda like a few dykes I know come to think of it.

As for said child. I think she deserves the benefit of doubt on this one. I'm sure that YOU + DRESS = HOT MAMA

unPC lesbian said...

Charlie Brown Australian fashion label.

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