Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Sadly I have been too busy to make the forts I referred to below, but I have managed to get an image of one small section of the boxes.

They are being picked up tomorrow to go to storage.

Some more boxes were delivered yesterday, and as I was so short of space I have had to store them in my office. These ones are NOT going to storage and I don't intend to share them with anyone.

I may be gone for some time.


Brittany said...

Hi un-PC,

I'm from TheirToys.com and was wondering if you'd like to review a product of ours. Give me a shout if you're interested :)



unPC lesbian said...

Oh yes please,yum yum, I LOVE toys. I can't access your profile, so comment me your contact details and I'll get in touch. All comments screened and won't be published.

Can't look at your site from here,but will first thing when I get home.

Oh swoon swoon, toys.....

little drummer boy said...

Is this possibly as exciting as it sounds??.

P.S We saw you at the market on Sunday looking resplendent in your ankle length dress.

unPC lesbian said...

at this point it seems not...however it has been Thanksgiving over there so I won't berate and harangue them till Wednesday....

That was SKIRT LDB, skirt and tattoo revealing singlet....eeep, thank goodness you were'nt polite and said hello or introduced me to Mrs LDB...I have a black eye and was out sans maquillage again!

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