Monday, November 29, 2010

I've Been Ever So Butch.

Now that summer has suddenly arrived my deck has been calling to me loudly, telling me to move out there for the season. Yesterday I thought sod the fukkin tax department, who yet again have NOT got back to me even though they promised, so I went and spent this months tax bill money on some deck furniture. The furniture required some construction, hence a small moment of butchness. 

Without too much stress I managed to construct the furniture, and I did it while wearing a skirt so I guess one clould say I was technically being futch. Anyway, below is my new furniture, no need to guess what famous store it came from.

I have already been mocked today over my butchness in putting this together, so before anyone asks, YES, this did require the use of a tool to construct. It came supplied with said tool. The 'instructions' also implied that a rod needed to be inserted in the 'tool' to assist with tightening the final bolt, yet no rod was supplied. Sadly a steel chopstick died in the process of putting the table together.

I only like plastic chopsticks anyway!


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