Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Shoulders

I have mentioned before that I quite like well defined shoulders and arms, and I've been on a mission to improve mine, however a niggly rotator cuff injury has put a temporary halt to that project as only little weights are permitted right now.

I have also stated that I don't do ball sports (interpret that how you will), but I have found this summer that my eyes have been drawn the odd time to the women's tennis on tv, shoulder watching I call it. And over recent days the stolen images below have been gracing the printed press.

Oh my, take a look at those shoulders and arms. They really are at the upper limit of what I would call HOT, before tipping over into just gross, but look at them.....the size.......the definition......

Swoon.....would take a strong woman to say NO tho those arms!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


God is BAD for inventing beer, makes people do silly things.

Example below, though would be nice if someone could fix the smudgy bits for me. I have also just realised that the image is over 25 years old, she says running swiftly to get a razor blade.

I was soooo able to do the androgyny thing then, yet did girly as well. However, I was living on a remote fjord in a fishing village in Iceland, cutting fish 6 days a week, and cooped up in 3 houses with 11 other women and a couple of natives. They just didn't get me at all.

T'is the next day now and in the sober light of day I must say, look at those eyebrows!! Madonna's got a lot to answer for.

The Price of Milk

Well the price of cheese actually.

It's all over the media that Fonterra is cutting it's pay out to dairy farmers due to the over 50% decrease in the price of milk solids on the international market, yet here in little old Godzone we are still paying around $12 for a 750g block of cheese. When you are a parent with teenagers in the house that's a significant chunk of the weekly food budget.

I normally purchase food supplies on the basis of buy fresh and local, but until the price of cheese drops to a realistic level I am now going to urge all to buy the Oz product that sits along side the "made in NZ" in the supermarket chillers.

Through the taxes I pay each week I already support a pensioner, which I have no problem with as I fully intend to extract my state funded super when the time arrives. I do however balk at supporting a dairy farmer when consumers in offshore countries can purchase the same "made in NZ" cheese for less than what the NZ consumer pays. And don't even get me started on the price of feta cheese, I gave up buying NZ made on that a long time ago.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Pertinent Facts

.....or maybe it should be bullet point Tuesday.

  • One must always remember to disable the iPod shake function before playing air drums while on the treadmill.
  • Just because you are buying something off Trade Me it doesn't mean you are going to get a bargain.
  • If a lesbian says she is ok with sex and dates only and nothing more, do NOT believe her.
  • Nipples apparently do not perspire and it seems that baby blue is the correct colour undergarment to display this phenomena.
  • 8 is still the maximum number of marshmallows that can be put into a regular size coffee and melt.
  • Home made "beer bongs" to facilitate juvenile and excessive alcohol consumption are totally acceptable if you are a member of the constabulary.
  • I should be paid a commission for all the sales I create for D'Vice.
  • Jillian is still uber HOT, and even more so last night when most of her conversation was "beeped" out because she was so bothered.
  • Work is such a pain because it interferes with holidays.

And I guess each of these could have a full story written about them if I ever get around to it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Labour Story

It was 16 years ago today that again I was in labour, however this time I was only left in agony for 36 hours before intervention was decided upon.

It was also at about this time of day that the Sperm Donor was standing admiring the lovely view from the delivery suite at Arohaina, while having a conversation about wine with one of his groupies who was disguised as a midwife. I meanwhile was on the slab being cut in places where scissors should never go. Give me the Macbeth option any day.

Then just to finish off the totally enjoyable experience I was put in a twin room (back, no view) with a mother who's baby had clicky hips so it was in one of those nasty casts and cried all the time. My baby meanwhile was still drugged from all the pethidine and like her Mother just wanted to sleep. We were not happy.

I think I'm still suffering from all the trauma.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Hair Day

No, not mine, I had mine sorted before the power went out. Tho it's a bad coffee day as well. During the power outage I wandered down the Terrace for coffee as Wishbone and Fuel were still operating. I got 2 coffees from Fuel and both ended up in the bin they were so disgusting, never never again will I drink their coffee, I should have walked the extra 10 metres to Wishbone. However, I am digressing.

I have given up on the idea of buying the child a bed for her 16th as I keep getting outbid and the whole auction process is starting to stress me. With only 24 hours to go I have decided to explore option 2 which is a set of hair straighteners. I have consulted with the under 25's on site and they agree it will be a cool gift, so I have spent the last hour ringing around only to find that the desired product is $50 MORE than the budget I had to spend on a bed. Stress levels rising.

I then tried the online process, and even got as far as placing an order for a pink version of said product, when I came a cropper at the payment process. Even though the site advertises the usual credit card and paypal options you appear to be only able to access a "bank wire" process. I tried to contact them by their "contact us" page but that came up with a error and wouldn't process. I have received some automatic emails from the site, but have since cancelled the order as I'm not getting a good vibe. More stress level increase.

I have found another grunty product online which is also pink and also comes with good reviews from reputable places. Feeling a bit wary because of the previous site I took the option of contacting the sales team to do an internet banking order. It's been 10 minutes now and they haven't got back to me, my stress levels are going catastrophic.

I fear my alcohol free week may end very suddenly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trade Me Wars

Would the irritating little fukker who is trying to outbid me in this auction just sod off.

Do you not realise I am trying to get the child a 16th birthday present, while at the same time getting her sorted to leave home.

Now I'm going to have to interrupt my House viewing tonight, and use guerrilla tactics during the last 5 minutes of the auction in an attempt to secure the purchase.
I am not amused.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cat Drugs

If we weren't meant to play with the braincells of our pets then God wouldn't have invented catnip or the gene that makes some Moggies susceptible. A very potent plant thank you L and S. All that she left behind was a tattered stalk.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


NCEA results came out unexpectedly today, they weren't expected until next week.

I find it totally fascinating that with all the complicated result information provided, the 6 pieces of paper of it's printed on, the amount of computer power needed to produce, format and calculate this information, that they still haven't managed to provide a total of the credits achieved. One has to use good old mental arithmetic, or resort to a calculator to see if the bloody child has passed or not.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Thanks for the plug darlings and I just so loooove that you think I'm fantastic, but really I think I've made it totally clear on here that I'm Wellington domiciled, yet obviously still embracing the deeply shallow vain philosophy of my Auckland youth.

Here I Go

I'm off to the murder house shortly to start the process of what is going to be "my year of teeth". Todays visit is to repair a molar that lost a piece off it over the holiday break. I only have 4 fillings and one root canal but by God they keep giving me grief.

My vision of lovely teeth is hampered by the fact that I still have baby teeth in my gob. (I'm sure there's a more technical term for them, but baby teeth will suffice here) They are tricky little non munchers that have fused themselves solidly to the jaw, so all beautifying has to be worked around them.

It appears the root canal is a failure (can I get my money back?) so that issue has to be addressed as well. Hmmm, maybe I should have voted, wasn't it Mr Andertons party who advertised free dental care for all?

I wish I'd got them all capped and crowned on the National Health while doing my OE as one of my friends did, he's still got lovely teeth now.

Hope they give me good drugs then!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I appear to be sublimating certain frustrations today.

The Flatmate will be pleased as I have cleaned and polished every shiny thing and surface in the kitchen, including windows and paintwork. I did balk though at the top of the range hood.

The Child is semi pleased as I have made the Queen of all Lasagne's, but that of course means subtle child abuse as it has taken 2 hours to cook, plus another half to rest before cutting, and the prior 3 hours of sauce simmering. I did 8.5k in preparation of consumption.

I however am not pleased as I would prefer to "do" and not sublimate, and vehemently curse circumstances for causing sublimation, while feeling slightly red faced that I seem to be failing miserably at the game of anticipation, which usually I am Mistress of and reign supreme.

Will now perform final act of sublimation and EAT.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday Update

I'm now at the start of my last week of holidays, and I'm so into the chill holiday mode that I NEVER want to go back to work. Well to be honest I go back for two days then it's a long weekend, so I'll be easing myself in slowly.

Oh the bliss of weeks on end doing nothing, sleep ins, big long runs most days, weights whenever I feel in the mood, and Jillian on every night at beer o'clock to start the sofa section of the day.

I had a lovely lovely Christmas day and Boxing day plus a blissful New Years Eve, seeing the New Year in in a very pleasurable way, swoon.

The only ick spot so far (besides teeth drama), has been the child's swift ejection from staying with the Sperm Donor and the Step Mother, needless to say that is the last time I will subject her to that.

Today I'm off for a second attempt at viewing the giant calamari at Te Papa. The last time I tried it appeared that the entire lower part of the North Island was there also.

I had set myself 3 gardening tasks for the break, and so far have achieved only one. I'm blaming the high winds for not doing the rest, though I guess I had better conceal the unplanted grasses that some kind friends gave me before they come for dinner tomorrow evening.

I have also caught up on vast amounts of dvd's that I had not seen, and I'm now no longer the only Lesbian on the planet to have not seen Bound, and yes I felt like a femme cliche sitting on the sofa drooling over Gina Gershon, swoon swoon.

Sun, wind, squid, I come.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hangover Stats

Three Lesbians, five bottles of wine (of which 3 were bubbles), yes the hangover was worth it!

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