Sunday, January 11, 2009


I appear to be sublimating certain frustrations today.

The Flatmate will be pleased as I have cleaned and polished every shiny thing and surface in the kitchen, including windows and paintwork. I did balk though at the top of the range hood.

The Child is semi pleased as I have made the Queen of all Lasagne's, but that of course means subtle child abuse as it has taken 2 hours to cook, plus another half to rest before cutting, and the prior 3 hours of sauce simmering. I did 8.5k in preparation of consumption.

I however am not pleased as I would prefer to "do" and not sublimate, and vehemently curse circumstances for causing sublimation, while feeling slightly red faced that I seem to be failing miserably at the game of anticipation, which usually I am Mistress of and reign supreme.

Will now perform final act of sublimation and EAT.


Zed said...

You made me very hungry.
And... a nice clean kitchen is totally bliss for me. I like to take the range hood apart, even.

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