Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Idle Chatter

I was having coffee yesterday with an old friend and she told me a funny story about the stock on her wee holding.

She'd been very good about selling her lambs and sending them off to slaughter but hadn't been able to bring herself to part with the older sheep. Finally she realised that she needed to do something about them, as her property was rapidly turning into a retirement home for geriatric sheep, so she made the appropriate arrangements.

As she had closely bonded with all the aged ones, she had to organise the transporter to pick them up pre dawn as she couldn't bear to look them in the eye as they were loaded on. She ended up selling about 100 animals and was very surprised at the good return she got on them.

During her visit in the city she spent some of the proceeds, as all good women do, on clothes and shoes, lots of clothes and shoes. She found the experience so pleasurable that she said as soon as she got back home she was going to check all her remaining stock to see who she could sell off next.

This sounds like an excellent plan to me, but sadly I think the proceeds from selling the child may not be quite as lucrative as that of an old woolly lice catcher.


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