Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have just been over the road to pick up my race pack and number for the run on Sunday. The race pack contains lots of lovely little informative things, a couple of nibbles and, most oddly, a copy of a Womans Day magazine that is almost a month out of date. Why?

This is the first time I have done one of these runs, I guess it's one of those post half century milestones but somehow it doesn't have the same ring to it as "oh, I'm doing a tri this weekend." Fortunately the training for it hasn't been too taxing, however I am going out with Cactus and Ms Gotlucky amongst others tonight so I guess that counts as training my liver. Every little bit helps.

My running companion has said that it is ok if I leave her behind and just meet her at the end, but I would feel too cruel dong that, will see on the day. I guess since I will be surrounded by masses of other "runners" that I probably shouldn't sing along with my tunes as I'm known to do on a road run.

I am looking forward to the after match function.


ma copine said...

Please leave your running companion behind. She's a big girl and can find her own way home. Good luck!

unPC lesbian said...

but but, it feels harsh....ok, but you must promise you will give her good praise and tell her she has done well.

Annie Fox! said...

My advice (being one that is painfully static at the moment) is run, run like the wind, as fast as you little legs will carry you. Catch Ms Gotlucky at the finish line with some bubbles.

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha....but I think it's much to early for Ms Gotlucky to be awake....and also the boring single Mummy thing kicks in. After the race I have to depart quickly as I still need to get to the market to get the weeks vegetables!

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