Friday, February 27, 2009

More Evidence

More evidence that:

  • A: Tequila is bad, Bad, BAD, and
  • B: One can never trust friends with fancy cameras and phones no matter how close they are


Bryan Spondre said...

Anyone I know ? :-) Not a bad arse.

unPC lesbian said...

Hmmm for all you know you may have met, however this charachter has appeared on this blog before, and somewhere there is an image of her front

Ms Gotlucky said...

Poor, poor creature. I wonder what kind of friend would take a picure like this? Hmmm.. guess I might after many tequilas.
Nice Diesels.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes one does wonder what kind of friend. I was also given some images of the photographers cleavage...maybe they should go up as well?

XChequer said...

Plumbers, the world over, would be glad to have that lady on their couch.


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